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Welcome to RSVP

The Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) connects Americans aged 55 and over with volunteer service opportunities that meet their personal interests and make a difference in their communities. RSVP volunteers make significant contributions by putting their best talents to work as leaders, entrepreneurs, organizers, builders, caregivers, and mentors. Their knowledge, skills, and life experience are of immeasurable value to the organizations and people they touch.

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Program Background

RSVP was launched in the spring of 1971 under auspices of the Administration on Aging. In July of the same year, RSVP was transferred to AoA to ACTION (domestic volunteer program). Eleven projects were started in the summer of 1971. In October of 1993, the name was changed to Retired & Senior Volunteer Program. ACTION was merged into the Corporation for National and Community Service. RSVP became part of the National Senior Service Corp under the Corporation for National and Community Service. The RSVP Program has been sponsored locally by CEFS Economic Opportunity Corporation since 1974. In addition to federal funding, the program also receives funds from the Illinois Department on Aging, United Way, and other local donations.

For further information call 217-342-2193, ext 135 or contact the CEFS County Outreach Office in your county.