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The CEFS Literacy Program is an affiliate of ProLiteracy America, the largest literacy volunteer organization in the United States.


The mission of the CEFS Literacy Program is to help adults and families meet their literacy goals in reading, writing, math, English, and life skills and to promote education and lifelong learning as the key to personal, economic, and social success.


The program provides literacy opportunities to adults through the effective use of trained volunteers, support services for volunteers and learners, and partnerships with community organizations which promote literacy. Adults (age 17 and older who are not in school) who are eligible for the program receive free one-on-one or small group tutoring services in reading, writing, math, daily living skills, or English and American customs. Tutoring sessions may take place at convenient locations in the community such as libraries and churches or at the CEFS Learning Center.

The CEFS Learning Center offers a convenient location for students and tutors to meet and houses resource materials for all areas of adult basic education. Five computers with high-speed internet access are available for participants to use. Research-based educational software and household manipulatives are also available for supplemental instruction.

Tutors receive eighteen hours of training before being matched with students, and continuing training opportunities are provided. Scheduling of the training is flexible and based on the volunteers' needs. Tutors and learners meet at locations, days, and times that are mutually convenient. We ask for a minimum of one hour a week commitment from tutors and learners.